Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dreamy Cottages

I’ve always had a fascination with thatched roof cottages and whilst house hunting in England, we considered living in one.  

It was located on Farnham Castle grounds and had magnificent views, especially at night all lit up and looking like it belonged in a fairytale.  Can you imagine, having a castle in your backyard?  Unfortunately,  it was not meant to be, not practical considering my 6'4" husband had to duck his head in order to get through the doorways - not to mention having four small children in tow!  It just wasn't going to work.   

Not only was the cottage too small for our family, but it was decorated and furnished just like a home interior magazine. I wasn't sure it could withstand the little ones.  It was a show- case cottage, not a family home, so I had to enjoy admiring it from afar.   

In our last visit "across the pond" we were invited to a friend’s home who just happened to live in a cottage and I was thrilled to get the grand tour.  The "Mrs." worked for Twinnings Tea – it couldn’t be more perfect!  It was a lovely evening of friendship, tea, and desserts - one I won't forget.

This cottage ware set is my latest find for the shop.  The set includes a teapot, cream and sugar bowl ($45.00) all stamped  “England” on the bottom and appears to be made by Weele St. Pottery Co. Limited.  All are hand-painted as well.  Just adorable!

In addition, I found two other pieces to go along with the set, although they are not made in England and are slightly darker in color, they are similar in style.  A lovely butter dish ($18.00) and a 3 piece condiment set ($18.00) with salt and pepper on the ends and I'm not certain what the middle one is for  - sugar maybe - any ideas?

HELLO OCTOBER – I think this fall themed tea cup would make a perfect gift for someone whose birthday is this month.  It’s a “Duchess” fine bone china, made in England (of course).  Features yellow and gold tones and a dainty little handle.  It must be calling for pumpkin spice tea. ($18.95)

This beautiful silver plated, 4 piece serving set($65.00) was packed away in my basement.  I pulled it out, dusted it off and polished it up, and - voila!

How nice would it to be to be served breakfast in bed!  Imagine your favorite tea, hot scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, and jam - lovely! Something right out of "Downton Abbey".  We can all dream . . .

Love this - real men drink tea.  
Support the troops!

 At last, Tea Time is calling, I must be on my way, until next time . . .

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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Karan,
How charming those English thatched roof cottages are! I would love to take a trip to England someday. Your cottage pieces are lovely. Perhaps the middle piece in that condiment set is meant for sugar, honey, or jam? Your silver tea set is gorgeous! What a fun post! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day.