About Me

Across the Pond was created out of my love for all things British, especially the art of taking tea.

Growing up I had the opportunity to visit my Auntie Lou who was British and resided in Dover, England.  Her kitchen cabinets were filled with beautiful fine bone china. I had never seen so many teacups in one place.  She taught me how to make the perfect cup of tea, as well as, how to enjoy it.

Years later my husband accepted a job transfer which landed us in Hampshire, England.  We packed our belongings and four small children and set out for a new adventure.  Over the years I collected many beautiful treasures, visited every tea room I could find, from the quaint, small villages in the English countryside to the Ritz in London, and formed lifelong friendships, those friends are the best treasures of all.

Across the Pond opened in September 2011, I have enjoyed meeting many wonderful and supportive customers and appreciate every one of them!  As I set out on my new adventure in blog land, I am looking forward to making many new teatime friends.  Remember to always make time for tea and friends.

Items featured in blog posts here are for sale.  If you see something that strikes your fancy and would like ordering information, please contact me at:


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romance-of-roses said...

My mom had tea every afternoon and that is how I learned about tea. I love your blog and am now following you. Is our shop in England? Wish it was close to where I live in CA. Hugs...Lu